Netherlands Embassy in Ljubljana, Slovenia


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Dutch movies at the Ljubljana Film Festival

9 Nov 16 20 Nov 16

The Dutch movie named ‘Schneider vs. Bax’ (2016) by Alex van Warmerdam will be shown at the Ljubljanski Mednarodni Filmski Festival on 11 November, 15 November, and 19 November.

Presentation of Dutch architect Jip Pijs

16 Nov 16

at the Economic Architecture Forum

A Slovenian-Dutch Dialogue: Lousewies van der Laan and Sonja Šmuc

17 Nov 16

The Slovene Dutch Business Platform (SDBP) organizes a Slovenian Dutch Dialogue between Lousewies van der Laan (Member of International Board of Directors at ICANN and former political leader in the Dutch and European parliament) and Sonja Šmuc (Managing Director at Slovenian Managers Association).

Exhibition: The Infinite Relation in Difference

28 Nov 16 13 Jan 17

Iñaki Bonillas and Ulay

SILA Bazaar 2016

4 Dec 16

Organized by Sila International Women’s Club Ljubljana

Exhibition: Out to Sea? The Plastic Garbage Project

8 Dec 16 23 Apr 17

The exhibition turns the focus on the end of the design history of useful objects: the center of the exhibition Out to Sea? and the symbol of the ecological catastrophe is an installation of plastic flotsam from the world’s various seas.